Marking Remembrance Day

As we usually do at this time of year, there will be our Isleworth community service of Remembrance organised by the British Legion at the War Memorial in front of St Bridget’s church on the 11thNovember. The service will begin at 10.45pm after a shorter All Age St John’s service which begins at 9.30am. 

This year’s Remembrance Day is particularly momentous as it falls on the centenary of the Armistice, the day hostilities ceased at the end of the First World War in 1918. To mark this occasion, those attending the service have been invited to come afterwards into St Mary’s school to view a Memorial Wall detailing the lives of the 390 servicemen listed on the Isleworth War Memorial. There will be the opportunity to sign a Book of Remembrance and enjoy refreshments together.

To mark the centenary the parade will be larger this year and so will end at St Mary’s school. Please note there will be the rolling road closures along North Street before the service. In coming days, you may notice in the streets around Isleworth large red poppies in the windows of some houses – indicating where the fallen servicemen and their families once lived. Other events in churches and schools will mark this year in a special way.

At St John’s with St Mary’s we will be marking Remembrance in the following ways:

This Sunday, 4thNovember a service of Remembrance at St Mary’s at 9am.
11thNovember, St John’s All Age service of Remembrance at 9.30am.
11thNovember, Atfield House Care Home service of Remembrance at 2.30pm.

This time of year is often when people remember those who have died, irrespective of whether they died during wartime or not, or whether they were family or loved ones or not. It can be a good time to entrust those who have died into God’s care, to give thanks for the people in our lives past and present and recommit ourselves to use our own lives wisely and well in service of others.

With this in mind, a Service of Commemoration for those who have died homeless in the last year has been organised and will be held on Thursday 8 November 2018, 11.00am at St Martin-in-the-Fields, London. All welcome to attend.