Beauty after Brokenness

You may have heard of the online cosmetics company Younique. You may even have seen someone like me popping up on your social media newsfeed advertising their wares, but you may not have heard about the charities behind the company.

In September 2012 brother and sister Derek and Melanie Maxfield, and Derek’s wife Shelaine, launched Younique, an online direct sales company selling skincare and cosmetics.  The company was launched with the sole purpose of funding their charity, The Younique Foundation.  The Younique Foundation is based in Utah, USA and helps adult female survivors of childhood sexual abuse from around the world.  The Foundation hosts The Haven Retreat, an all expenses paid, 5 day stay in the mountains of Utah, to begin or continue the participants healing journey.

Talking therapies are offered, and group activities such as blanket making and Kintsugi, a Japanese craft whereby broken pottery is repaired using golden lacquer. The philosophy behind the craft, is that breakage and repair is part of the object’s history, rather than something to disguise. The finished article is even more beautiful for having been broken.

Alongside The Younique Foundation there is the sister charity Defend Innocence which provides information, tools and resources for parents and caregivers, explaining the risks of child sexual abuse, what you can do to protect your child, age appropriate conversation starters, and everything you need to educate and empower yourself, your family, and your friends to stop sexual abuse.

Defend Innocence is currently running the campaign Make Many Ripples. On social media you can search the hashtag #makemanyripples. The aim of the campaign is to spread the word far and wide, and educate as many people as possible.  In the words of Mother Teresa ‘I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples’.

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Hannah Griffiths