The St John’s with St Mary’s Psalm of Thanksgiving

We have been studying the Psalms, “Songs for all of life,” in our church services in recent weeks. In our services on Sunday we were looking at Psalm 100, which encourages us to offer thanksgiving to God. Here is a selection of things that people of all ages in both congregations wrote on the “Wall of Thanks.”

I give thanks for these churches and wonderful people in them.
I give thanks for our church team, PCC and churchwardens.
I would like to thank you for Arthur, a good friend, loyal, a constant at St John’s and for all that we share in fellowship here – long may it continue.
Thanks for health and strength and for 70 years of the NHS.
Thank you to God who heals us.
Thank you Father for my family and for the joy they bring.
Thank you for the sunshine.
We thank God for the hot weather.
I give thanks for God’s friendship and his presence especially during the low times. Thank you God for the promise of the Holy Spirit to be our guide and comfort during our times of difficulty.
Thank you Lord for your provision and guidance.
Lord, thank you for holding my hands through the dark valley.
Thank you Lord for accepting me as I am and healing a multitude of emotional wounds from the past.
Thank you for my new job.
Thanks for my life!
Thank you for this world that you have given us to look after.
Thank you O Lord for your wonderful world.
Thank you Lord for the beauty of your creation and the summer flowers.
Thank you for so many things – my family, our health, our freedom, unconditional love, my home.
I am thankful for my school and teachers.
Thank you for answered prayers in our day to day life.
I am thankful to the Lord for everything – my health, my family, my friends, my job.
Thank you for your love, help and caring – without your nearness our lives would be too empty!
Give thanks to Him!