A Review of the Summer Fair 2018

Ioan was just one of the kids who seemed to really enjoy “baptising” the vicar. Thank you (I think!) Luke Cox for the picture.

Gareth and Nicole Hanekom are Parish Assistants in the church, and below review this year’s summer fair.

On Saturday, 23 June, we experienced our very first St John’s Summer Fair. As relative newcomers to the church, we weren’t sure what to expect, but we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. The weather was beautifully sunny, which was ideal for enjoying an ice-cold drink and tasty burger outside, or for those seeking shelter from the sun, some delicious cake and tea in the hall. 

Having little experience in sales, particular at summer fair stalls, we were a little nervous about working at the fair. However, the friendliness of the community and the festive atmosphere helped ease our nerves. We were impressed by the range of activities for both young and old, as well as the wide variety of items on sale. It was clear that the many smiles we saw on the day were the result of prizes won, things bought, and good conversations.

Here’s what some of the younger attendees had to say about the Summer Fair:

Nancy said: “I loved the jam jar tombola and I now have lots of great and interesting things to play with.”

Tyler said: “I liked the fair because it was so fun and enjoyable. I especially liked the fact that the vicar allowed us to get him wet.”

Ruby said: “I loved the cheerful business of the fair. The burgers were the best, and also my friend Cherry who helped on our hair braiding stall got given the card of someone local, who said she wanted us to go and fix her hair for an event!”

Ethan said: “It was a nice day to be in the sun. The Splat the Rat was super hard. The St John’s rat went down the tube so fast because of gravity, that it was nearly impossible!”

Daisy said: “One of the best fairs yet because it was really fun and we thought hair braiding was a great new stall. We are already planning our stall for next year!”

Charis said: “I spent a lot of my pocket money at the fair! My favourite thing was I bought a book about science.”