A Farewell to Isleworth and St John’s  

Sam and I moved to Isleworth in June 2006. We had previously been renting in Chiswick and our move to Isleworth was an exciting time in our lives. I had been offered a new job in Richmond and we had purchased a flat, our first step onto the property ladder.

Our little abode was in The Maltings development, and funnily enough that was our first introduction to St John’s! The Maltings development was built within the St John’s Parish, and in the event that the church fell into disrepair, the leaseholders would be liable to pay for the Chancel repairs. This of course never happened but when I mentioned it to Tom, the vicar at the time, he did have a good chuckle about it!

Some years later, we moved house and had three children. Evie is 7 and the twins, Sebastian and Harriet are 5. All were born at West Middlesex Hospital, christened at St John’s and currently attend The Blue School. We have been coming to St John’s for 5 years now. There is a wonderful warm village community at St John’s, something I didn’t experience growing up as a child in Hong Kong. Over the years, I have started to get involved more with church life, whether it be helping with the children’s groups, serving teas and coffees after the service, the winter homeless shelter, attending bible study groups, various Christmas and Summer fairs and so on.

St John’s really needs your support as they are short of volunteers. Don’t be shy, just sign up to what you can do – every little bit helps. For those who have recently joined St John’s, I can assure you, it’s not as daunting or as frightening as you may think! It is incredibly rewarding, a great way to give back to the community and a fantastic way to get to know the rest of the congregation.

We will be leaving Isleworth on the 4th July for Dunedin, New Zealand where Sam and his family are from. Moving to New Zealand is something we have always spoken about, but this year we have decided to give it a go. We will miss Isleworth dearly and all the wonderful people we have met along the way.

Keely Halligan