Living daily for Jesus… Anywhere in the world

My name is Brodie Jane, and this is the Sunday of my baptism. I live in Virginia, United States and am married to an American soldier. Even though the country I reside in has no shortage of churches willing to baptize me and welcome me into the faith, I felt compelled to return home to England to complete this important part of my spiritual journey, and to Isleworth where my parents still live. My life often takes me to many parts of the world, therefore I felt it important I remain connected to England and the church.


My journey with Christianity began long ago, when I was a child, despite coming from an agnostic family. The idea of prayer and kindness, which are two very important pillars of Christianity have always been a source of strength for me.

I believe Jesus saw everything with love; a message our world is in great need of and one I hope to share with others. His true message was one of lovingkindness, gentleness and doing the right thing. I believe he saw the world with a kind eye, but was a practical man too, well versed with the human condition and the importance of forgiveness.

Even as I enter the Christian faith officially now, I don’t yet know a great deal about Christian theology, but what I feel very deeply within me is the same love and peace Jesus felt and shared. The same feeling we all experience when we enter a church; a euphoric kind of peace, as we connect to the holy spirit through prayer and contemplation. Therefore, it is these simple but profound teachings that will guide me forward as I continue to learn; gentleness, prayer, tolerance, love and forgiveness and living daily by our lord Jesus Christ’s example.

I have made a decision to become baptized because I wish to strengthen my faith and belong to it wholeheartedly, and am thrilled to be able to do this at St John the Baptist church, the very name of which honours this sacred ritual.

Brodie Jane Nela

Brodie will be baptised after our St John’s service on the 17thJune.  Please remember her and her family in your prayers.