1958 to 2018 – Don and Audrey’s Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Just before Easter, Don and Audrey Adamson celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary and hosted a tea party with friends and family at St Mary’s to celebrate. Diane, a bridesmaid from their big day, wrote a reflection on her memories of what Don and Audrey were like when they met those years ago …

One of my first memories of Audrey is when we spent time hanging upside down in a park close to her home. I can still smell the heavy perfume from the deep pink hawthorn blossoms.

Music was important in Audrey’s young life. There was an upright piano which she skilfully played. There was a gramophone with a wind up handle. We would twirl around the living room to ‘The Lonely Ballerina.’ As a dancer and a singer Audrey joined NADOS, a successful amateur musical group. She performed in many shows to full house audiences. Then, Audrey discovered BOYS. Her house was always full of laughter, music and young people.

I was introduced to Don, a shy gentle and kind young man. They took me to Warrington to see ‘Love is a many splendored thing,’ a memorable film I’m sure they wanted to see by themselves.

They had a tandem. Sometimes Don would take me out on it. He was very patient as I didn’t know when to pedal. Don had a motorbike and would often collect me from school. Not many girls were collected from school by a dashing young man on a motorbike.

I was asked to be a bridesmaid at Don and Audrey’s wedding. I was so proud I could wear a beautiful princess dress. I often visited them in their new bungalow after they were married, and later we would go on holiday together.

Audrey’s Mum was a very good cook. Audrey started married life as ‘a more experimental cook.’ I remember her giving Don sweetcorn and custard. He ate it without complaint – only compliments about her imaginative cooking!