Living life to the full through knowing Jesus

Over the past few weeks, the Bishop of Kensington Graham Tomlin has led the LIveLife Lent Mission into West London’s Church of England Secondary Schools. Rachel Burnell writes about her involvement…

We were joined by a team of youth workers and clergy who were assigned to go into the schools and share the gospel message of John 10:10 on living life to the full through knowing Jesus. This required a huge amount of organisation by the wonderful Mary Kok, the Kensington Area’s Youth and Schools chaplain, who timetabled us to go into lessons, hold assemblies or run the prayer space.

I spent a week at the Green School and thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the girls in a number of ways. On my first day I taught an RE lesson on Happiness and how we can only truly find this through knowing God and through serving others. I also joined in with lessons such as English, Maths and PSHE where the young people were encouraged to consider how they are so precious to God and how He wants us all to find fullness of life because of this.

This last week I also had the opportunity of working with sixth formers at Bishop Wand and discussing how they could find space to reflect and slow down, as well as hearing them put some challenging questions to Bishop Graham and other members of the team during a Q&A panel. My favourite thing I took away from the experience, however, was the chapel prayer space where we had a chance to read the worries young people have (which they shared as written prayers) as well as a deep desire from many of them to find out more about God. Many of the girls at The Green School said that the ‘Be Still’ corner was a welcome escape from usual busy, noisy school life. As a result of this I’ve been inspired to create a similar corner at the back of St. John’s for people to utilise over the Easter weekend and to be able to use their senses to pray in a variety of ways.

Rachel Burnell is our Youth and Children’s Team Leader. Please visit the prayer space corner she has prepared at St John’s if you get a chance. For more details of the Bishop’s Live Life Lent Mission please visit