Who supplies your wisdom?

In our services throughout Lent we’ve been looking at the “Freedoms of Jesus” – his habits and disciplines that gave him the freedom to love God more and love others better. Last week we looked at the Freedom of Study and Stories. Here are 10 ways we can follow Jesus by turning up the wisdom of the Bible in our own lives… Please contact Dave (davidmaclure@gmail.com) for any more info on any of these.

1 Quiet Time. Some people enjoy spending time alone each day reading the Bible sometimes with reading notes or books to help.

2 Small Groups. Studying with others in an open and accepting environment is perhaps the best way to get to grips with the Bible. We have several Bible study groups at St John’s and St Mary’s – why not consider joining one?

3 Podcasts. While walking the dog, or on your commute, you could listen to some Bible discussion. WordLive, Richard Rohr, Tim Keller sermons, Godpod or even BBC Radio 4’s “Thought for the day” are good ones.

4 Audio Bibles. Many people prefer listening to the Bible being read – rather than actually listening to it. Some apps will do this for you, and the website Faithcomesbyhearing.com contains audio versions of the Bible in English for free. These can be downloaded as mp3s.

5 Apps. The Bible App will give you a new verse for each day on your phone home screen – a good way to look at just one verse at a time and maybe consider how that verse impacts your life.

6 Query the Bible. Read – and ask questions. Ask the vicar!

7 Read a different version. For example, the “Message” version which is a translation of the Bible in modern, contemporary language.

8 Action Bible. A version of the Bible drawn as a comic strip – illustrated by a Marvel comics artist who converted into the faith. Great for all ages.

9 Online. Biblegateway.com has many English versions available for free.

10 Come to church and hear the sermons. The sermons are often recorded so if you missed one you can always catch it later.