Where Nottingham Road Has Taken Us

We promised to tell you when Tom got a permanent job. Just before Christmas, it was announced he is to be Vicar of St Mary’s in the Lace Market, Nottingham.

This is a very exciting opportunity – exciting because we feel confident it’s where God has led us, and its location, the city and people make it a great opportunity. We hope to get going as soon as possible, once we have a house to live in.

St Mary’s is one of the original Nottingham churches. Wiki says it’s the oldest and the biggest. There is evidence Robin Hood went to it (seriously!) The present magnificent building was built between 1377 and 1485. Architectural buffs love it, many experience a ‘wow factor’ going in there. It’s a great privilege to have been appointed, at a time when lots of investment is coming into Nottingham, not least in the old Lace Market, from where Nottingham got rich in the 19th century. Students are a big part of the city now – over 50,000.

It’s been a fascinating few months working as Chaplain for Bishop Paul and a perfect way to get to meet people, to get to know the church scene and the area. The Chaplain’s role has been varied, from trying to look important in formal services to picking up on all sorts of enquiries which come to the Bishop. Nottinghamshire is REALLY nice and Southwell, where we have been living is a gem.

A very happy 2018 to everyone and we’ll let you know the Licensing date.

Tom and Joanna Gillum