Transforming Starlight and Sunshine

Almost all of us have to go to the West Mid Hospital at some point. If you have children, then definitely! The children’s unit provides cares for over 1,000 babies, children and young people each month, increasing, as a quarter of the local population is under 18. The staff on Starlight and Sunshine wards provide excellent care, but the environment requires significant improvement.

Katy and Jonathan Cooper’s children, Stanley and Ruby (being baptized today) have spent more than fair share of time there.

Katy says: “Creating a child friendly environment which caters for the different age groups that Starlight sees will really make a difference to children and their families. The play room in Starlight, although basic, is a vital part of Stanley’s time at the hospital. It will be great to see this area improved.

Stanley says: “Being in the playroom is good. I can stretch my legs. There is nothing to do but sit in the bed on the ward. I can squeeze the special toy and look at the books the play staff give me so I don’t have to look at the cannula.

West Middlesex Children’s Appeal explains the vision – to transform these wards to create a child friendly, welcoming, calming environment with better facilities and specifically designed to make being in hospital easier for children and their parents. The aim of the improvements is that children having procedures can be ‘distracted’; those who are bed bound will have more to occupy them; there will be lots of sensory play equipment; there will be a designated teenager space; and for parents, there will be more beds and the day room will be made more ‘homely’.

£100,000 is the target. Support Jonathan in his half marathon. Contact Roberta Jones at CW+ to discuss your own fundraising activity.