My Most Meaningful Moments

Jim last week memorably reported on the Magical Men’s Night. One particular thing Dan Bowring said has stayed with me. He said, ‘some of the most meaningful moments of my life, often when I was going through difficult times, have happened at church – whether during a talk, music or in quiet reflection’, in response to Dave’s question about what being part of a church means to him.

I am sure a number of men present resonated with that. There may doubtless be times when we just turn up and go through the motions. We may think the only reason we’re here is ‘to bring the kids along’ (and that’s where a lot of people start, which is fine.) But there are also times when, like Dan, we know we’ve had a ‘meaningful moment’ and we’ve become aware of a bigger picture to life, something unexpected and more real, even Jesus Christ in some way revealing Himself to us.

Churchill famously said that ‘men sometimes stumble across the truth and then hasten on as though nothing has happened.’ How easy this is! It’s why talking with a friend or someone you trust about such things can be helpful. In so doing, we can begin to work out what happened, and what we might make of it. Writing things down can have the same effect – and if you keep these in one place, you may be amazed about how often ‘my most meaningful moments’ have involved church.

When I speak in public. I only want to say what I feel God is inspiring. I am also eager for the music in our church always to be able to engage the heart. I’d love to see more people reading the Bible together, carving out time for silence and prayer, drawing alongside those on the edges of life, etc. All potential space for a ‘most meaningful moment’.

Tom Gillum