Changes later this year at the Vicarage

Iwant to tell you about discussions which have been taking place for when David’s training finishes this summer. I have always said I have been the luckiest Vicar in London to have had such a curate (and Rachel) and I haven’t changed from that view.

When I returned from my study leave last summer, I had many extremely positive comments about how David had more than risen to the challenge of running a parish. He subsequently met with Bishop Graham, and the very good news is that he is able not only to remain in this Area of London, but in this parish. I know we’ll all be extremely pleased.

So where does that leave Joanna and me? We came to St John’s in late 2010, initially for me to be a ‘caretaker’ for 6 months. We are delighted things worked out, it becoming a permanent post, to be followed by the merger with St Mary’s. However, Joanna and I now have been feeling that God may have other plans for us, rather than our remaining here till I retire (that could be another 9 years.)

Following careful consideration by Bishop Graham with Ali Walton, the Vicar of All Saints (the co-Patron), the Church Wardens and the Archdeacon, the intention is that David will take over from me as Vicar of St John and St Mary’s sometime between Easter and the end of June. All due process will of course be followed. For my part, I am exploring possible posts where we might go, which could be in London, or in another diocese.

I am very confident this will be an excellent outcome for St John’s and St Mary’s. That said, Joanna and I will go wherever we go with more than a tinge of sadness, knowing what rich years we have spent here. We are extremely grateful to God and to you all for all you have given us.

Tom Gillum