We Finally Got the Tree Up

The St John’s and St Mary’s Christmas party relocated to St Mary’s this year for an all age extravaganza hosted by Flightpath, our monthly afternoon kids’ service. On Sunday afternoon from 4:30pm the place was packed out with lots of fun, festivities, food and friends.

Some highlights included: toddler crafts, pass-the-parcel for the kids, decorating the St Mary’s Christmas tree, Brian Grumbridge’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves play, an appearance from Santa, singing carols around the St Mary’s piano with Kevin and enjoying games like ping pong and table football, and tucking into mince pies.

Jon Flann and Kelis Cao are part of the Flightpath team. Here they describe in their own words something of what Sunday was like.

Kelis: “This was only my second Flightpath helping. I was pleased Jacqui came and helped and together we served the cold drinks to the guests. The party seemed really lively with lots going on for all ages. St Mary’s building is smaller than ours at St John’s, but the party seemed to work well and maybe we could do it again next year. I’m enjoying being on the Flightpath team – it’s really good to help some of the younger kids learn about the Christian faith, feel happy and have a good time.”

Jon: “The party was lots of fun. My job was to help set up and then I took some photos of the different things going on. We had trouble putting the tree up. It wasn’t a real tree – it was in pieces and nobody understood how it worked. Once we finally got it up, everyone got involved decorating it with baubles and tinsel. It looked like it all might go a bit wrong, but it was OK in the end! I think the play was a good idea. That seemed to be a nice way to get everyone involved. I find helping on the Flightpath team is a good thing to do, to help the church community.

Many others helped make the afternoon a great success – many thanks to all of you who came along and contributed in so many ways.