The Crazy Monsters Daniel Talked About

This term a group of lads from some of the families at church have been meeting on Thursday evenings for a half hour church club, which we run alongside our main monthly “Flightpath” service for kids. The idea for the evenings is to give the boys some ongoing contact with church life and a chance to engage together with Bible stories when Sunday mornings may be taken up with sports.

Each evening involves some short prayers, a Bible story (usually the same as what our regular groups have done on Sunday) and a relevant game or activity which hopefully helps the story stick. For the Bible stories, we use “The Action Bible” – an impressive comic-style Bible drawn by a former artist of Marvel and DC comics (a good idea for Christmas presents for pre-teen kids!)

I asked the boys how they thought things went this term and this is what they said in their own words.

What stories can you remember looking at?
We learned about Daniel and how God helped him to interpret dreams. We also learned about the stories Jesus told about the lost sheep, the lost coin and how Jesus visited Zachaeus after he found him in a tree.

What did you enjoy about the evenings?
The games! We loved running around the church to try and bring the stuffed lost sheep back as soon as possible. We also played a game where we had to look for sweets. The sweets were like money that Zachaeus had taken, but then he gave them back to the people he cheated – which wasn’t easy for us to do with our sweets!

Have you enjoyed using Action Bible?
Yes! It makes the Bible a lot more interesting. The pictures are really cool. We’ve been reading the stories at home too. Our favourite page in Action Bible is one with pictures of some of the crazy monsters that Daniel talked about.

What score out of 10 would you give Action Bible?
[unanimously!] 9 ½ out of 10!

Dave Maclure With Cass, Robbie, Nathan, Joseph And Kieran