1 Year of Flightpath

We have now finished one year of Flightpath – our monthly afternoon service for kids in school years 4-8. Our final end of term send off was on July 17th, and a chance for some of the kids going up into year 4 to sample Flightpath fun.

For this final Flightpath, we partnered with The Challenge UK, a charity which provide opportunities for young people to gain community experience by planning and leading projects. Ten or so young people who had just finished their GCSE’s provided everything for Flightpath this time, which we hosted at St Mary’s. The kids played some games and enjoyed snacks – but the main event was a water fight on the lawn outside the church all organised and provided by our guests from The Challenge. Everyone finished soaked but nobody seemed to complain! Tyler said it was really fun and he enjoyed the activities they did. He would like them to come back and help out again.

Flightpath will return in the autumn, and it may be a good idea to involve teenage leaders again, this time from St John’s. This would provide a chance for them to grow in their own understanding of Christian service, and to gain experience leading. If you have or know kids who would enjoy attending or older kids who might take to being a leader, please let us know. With thanks to Gayle Farrell, Rachel Michael, Rachel Burnell and Mary Manthey-Steel as well as Jon Flann and Naeem Rezaiy for all their help this last year.

The first Flightpath in the next academic year is pencilled in for September 4th.

Gayle summarises the first Flightpath year in the following words: IT HAS BEEN BRILLIANT.