Christian Aid Week 15-21 May

Please consider making a donation to Christian Aid this year, as Christian Aid week draws to a close. You will find envelopes in church, which you can bring back next Sunday with a donation.

Christian Aid began as a response by churches in Britain and Ireland to the end of World War 2 – wanting to assist communities in practical ways across Europe trying to rebuild after the devastation of war.

Nowadays, Christian Aid respond to emergencies, advocate on behalf of the poor and marginalised, and work in projects around the world with refugees and displaced peoples and to build resilience against future disasters. These are some of the areas they have been working in over the last year:

  • Relief after Nepal and Ecuador earthquakes.
  • Ethiopia drought appeal.
  • Mediterranean Refugee crisis
  • Sierra Leone ebola crisis.

This year Christian Aid encourages supporters to consider how ‘loving your neighbour’ as Jesus did, requires us to consider individuals in other parts of the world facing hardship, not just the people around us. They ask us to focus on women like Morsheda, a mother from Bangladesh who lives precariously as her home is subject to frequent flash flooding. Christian Aid are hoping to raise money to provide practical help for women like Morsheda – by providing equipment that can flood-proof her home, raise it on a higher foundation as well as providing assistance for her to grow crops and raise animals to support the family.

For more information, visit or speak to Don Johnson at St John’s.