Meet our new Churchwarden Gayle

Gayle Farrell was recently appointed a churchwarden at St John’s and St Mary’s. Gayle lives in Feltham, has been attending St Mary’s, and is a Criminal Defence Solicitor.

Q: Gayle, how does your faith impact your life outside of church?

My job means I appear at police stations and court to present clients. Some of the people I deal with are charged with terrible crimes. My faith allows me to see the “villain” or the “monster” as a person, made in God’s image worthy of God’s love – the person that Jesus sees. This is difficult and not always possible (without prayer!) but I have come to see that many people have committed crimes because of painful experiences in their lives from their past.

Q: How are you finding being Churchwarden?

Dave, Brian and I met for a curry some weeks ago to go over the role. I feel excited about it. I have a few ideas! I’ve become quite busy at church with helping at St Mary’s, gospel singing and with Flightpath but I’m up for it! This week (17th May) I am officially sworn in as a Churchwarden by the Archdeacon, which should be interesting!

Q: With Tom Gillum away and Norman Lawrence unwell, you naturally have had more to do at St Mary’s. How are things at St Mary’s and how we can we pray for the congregation?

The 9am St Mary’s service continues to meet weekly. Dave joins us when he can and we are drawing on some visiting speakers and clergy – such as a former minister, Stewart Shaw – as well as making the most of some willing lay helpers – such as David and Rachel Michael. Please pray we would continue to grow as a congregation, and that we might particularly warmly welcome families as we gather to worship God.