Following Jesus where the need is greatest

Last Sunday, Hannah Bowring from Tearfund spoke to us about an exciting opportunity to partner with Christians in Zimbabwe. Tearfund has been working around the world for almost 50 years. In the West we think of poverty in terms of sanitation, hunger, poor housing, no money. Those who live in poverty tend to describe it in terms of shame, inferiority, humiliation, hopelessness. What happens when we throw our money at that situation? We increase all of those feelings of inferiority and don’t actually fix anything.

So Tearfund works to help people help themselves out of poverty, to empower them gives them dignity and respect, by working through the local Church around the world because the Church is already a vital part of local communities.

My job is to connect churches in this country with those overseas  – so that through prayer, financial support and face to face contact real relationships develop. I wonder if St John’s and St Mary’s could partner with a community in Zimbabwe and maybe some from here could go and visit? The needs are great. Zimbabwe is home to the highest number of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) per capita anywhere in the world. This is mostly because of the high risk of HIV infection which has left many children with one or no parents. A partnership could be transformational for us and for them. If we were to organise a trip it would last for a week (date TBC), with a team of about 8-10. It would cost £1500 per person (partially funded by Tom’s discretionary fund).

Please contact Dave for more information or to express an interest in joining the team.