As we looked back, and then forward

We duly had the Church’s Annual Meeting last Sunday. It’s a great chance to remember the year past – this time done both with photos as well as written and ‘live’ presentations. As we did so, we are inspired for all that might lie ahead. Here is Bryony’s poem wrote about Toddler Church: At some time close to 10, on Sundays in the Hall, All the St John’s toddlers, are busy having a ball. We start with a prayer, followed by story and a song And a tin full of biscuits that will be empty before long. Then we adjourn to the tables where a Bible craft awaits, Usually with some cutting, sticking and a paper plate. Centurions, Egyptians, sheep – there’s nothing we can’t make, Thanks to our volunteers and all that they create. And whilst the babies are playing with toys upon the mats Their parents can take a seat and have a little chat. New families are warmly welcomed and everyone gets involved, And from one week to the next we see friendships blossom and evolve. There is a great sense at the group, of time passing by As the children grow so quickly before our very eyes. And at the heart of the session is our Bible story And we never forget to sing of God’s glory. Then the session is over and the leader is heard to say, “Let’s go back to church to show Tom what we have made.” The floor has been swept, the tables and chairs are away, And I’m sure all are in agreement, that it was a very fine start to a Sunday.
My 3 months of Study Leave are about to begin and I think all is set! I will be away in Jordan for 1 month, getting to see and experience something of the refugee crisis. For the other 2 months, I’ll be learning basic piano and drawing skills from the wilds of North Yorkshire. David is I hope fully briefed and of course Brian and Gayle will be close at hand.