Our First Easter at St John’s

When Tom invited us to join in with the Passover meal at his house, we were honoured to have been invited and we were intrigued to find out more about what the meal represented and how it all tied into the Easter weekend. None of us had attended a Passover meal so although we were interested to find out more, we were slightly unsure of what to expect. Any feeling of uncertainty was left at the door as Tom, Joanna and Bramble welcomed us in. Although we knew none of the other guests, there was a warmth in the house that you would find within any loving family home and before long we were sat around the table all ready to see what the evening would bring.

It was fascinating to be guided through all the elements of a traditional Passover meal from drinking as ‘a free man’ to seeing whether Elijah was at the door. Eating and drinking together felt like one that we would spend with our own families and we left feeling incredibly welcomed and enriched with the knowledge and kindness that had been shared. After attending the Passover meal we wanted to experience everything the church had to offer in relation to Easter.

The Good Friday service really drove home the true impact of what it represents and why Jesus died for us. The service enabled those of all ages to get a good understanding of what took place and provided an opportunity to reflect on all the significance of the day. Easter Sunday really brought the entire weekend full circle with the family oriented feel of the service and ensured that we and our extended family left with a feeling of joy and closeness to all that Easter represents.

Our experience of Easter this year has been like no other and we hope that it is the first of many in which we get to experience in this way.

Mark and Sharleen Tsuchihashi