Training vs Trying – Lent 2016

‘There is an immense difference between training
to do something and trying to do something.’

Some will already know what they are going to do in the weeks leading up to Easter (or like many that they are not planning to do anything in particular.) Lent, the 40 days from Ash Wednesday, is meant to give a helpful focus and our theme this year is Training vs Trying, one of the chapter headings of The Life You’ve Always Wanted, a book by John Ortburg (from which comes the above quote.) Ortburg, described as a ‘genuine and inspirational teacher and pastor’, aims to connect with ‘ordinary people’. He writes well and has a sense of humour.  He covers really good ground. All of us can relate to the need for training, knowing without it potential will not be realised.

Ortburg opens this up liberating us to see that what we do as Christians is training to become the people Christ has made us, rather than our simply (trying to) do things. I’ve ordered lots of copies which I want to GIVE to anyone who’d like to read the book in Lent. Fine if that’s all you plan to do. But preferable I think to make this in part a communal venture, so I’m putting in 2 Tuesday evening meetings at our home, near the start and end of Lent for us to discuss and reflect together.

Again, if that’s all you want to do, fine. Even better, come along to some of the Wednesdays at St Mary’s when we’ll ‘do’ together one of the ‘practices’ Ortburg suggests.

We’ve also got 2 other events, which either treat as one offs, or to complement the rest of our training.

  1. Prayer Morning at Gumley House on Saturday 27th Feb, which Joanna (Gillum) will lead. She is a trained Spiritual Director and
    prayer is one of her ‘passions’.
  2. Evening with Bishop Graham our new Bishop. He is going round the Area to meet people and teach on How to Pray: Discovering how Prayer can Change your Life and your World. St John’s is fortunate to be hosting one of these – Mon 7th March.