Supporting Best our Young People

Keeping kids interested and engaged in church isn’t always easy, and as children approach the end of primary school, Sunday mornings can seem like a good time to do other things – be it sleep or sport!

Of course, as much as possible, we want families to feel welcome and able to participate on a Sunday morning. That’s when we can all be together and celebrate the Eucharist as a church family, whatever age we are. This is our primary, corporate way of expressing our worship to Jesus.

However, in a bid to be flexible and offer alternatives to families, there are three ways for children to get involved beyond Sunday morning.

In October we started a monthly Sunday afternoon kids’ service for those in school years 4-8 called Flightpath. So far, it has attracted 10-15 on each occasion which is a great start. A typical Flightpath afternoon begins at 4:30pm and involves a half hour service – with visuals, discussion and an interactive worship component. And then, after some food, it’s games time – with ping pong, table football, pool and crafts available for everyone to try. Flightpath will get going again in the New Year, our first one being on February 6th, from 4:30-6pm at St Mary’s.

Some of the boys who play sport on Sundays now come to a mid-week half hour meeting with Tom or me, and we do some basic Bible study, prayer and worship. If parents would like to find out more about this, or are keen to start similar groups – perhaps for girls – we could be pleased to look at that together.

Activ8 continues as an option for older kids – a youth group at All Saints, Isleworth, for those in years 7-10.

Please continue to keep these initiatives in your prayers, and let’s keep a discussion going between Tom and me, parents and kids about how best to support our children and young people in their spiritual growth.