Christmas Party Time

Ahappy buzz filled the hall. Groups sat at tables, drinking tea, squash or mulled wine, while children busied with activity in one of the rooms. The wonderful and plentiful array of food included Vietnamese delicacies, quiche, sausage rolls, rich cakes, biscuits, etc. One boy commented as he unwrapped another chocolate biscuit, ‘my last one’.

For Josie, Olive and John from Atfield, seeing the children running around and enjoying themselves made the occasion wonderful. Not in any way to minimise the impact of the carol singing, the arrival of a gentleman looking very like he’d come from Lapland, nor of Brian’s masterful production. But being with the children is what they loved.

Ably assisted by Richard Ardron, Brian wrote, ‘cast’ and narrated a highly memorable performance of Cinderella. The other church warden nobly ‘volunteered’ to be Lady Hardup. A former warden (Ann Johnson) and the Vicar were ‘the curtains’. The Curate was one ugly sister, but the good looks of other (Nancy Ardron) could not be disguised! Don Johnson could not have better been cast as the prince. Buttons his servant, the Prince’s servant and the lizards, rats and pumpkin, and Daisy (the clock) nearly stole the show, but Ava Jones in the title role surely starred. Many thanks to Brian.

Julian, Molly and a small band led us in some Carols and other Christmas songs which everyone joined in with gusto. Then the raffle, where the prizes were plentiful – some were immediately opened and shared around. Money raised went to a Brazilian charity promoting education in Recife.

The Christmas party is one of our best opportunities to participate in rich hospitality. The great mix of ages and range of places we come from, enjoying delicious food and doing the things the way we do create lifelong associations, central to which is the story of Jesus’ birth. Huge thanks to Julie and Mariella.