Gathered around the Pool

Some people might wonder why our kids haven’t been baptised before, and why we might want to get them baptised now. Well, both Rachel and I were raised in families in which we were given the choice to get baptised when we were older. Both of us did get baptised as teenagers. We imagined our kids would have the same story, and so we thanked God for them in church when they were born and they each have Godparents, but the children weren’t baptised.

In recent years, however, we’ve come to see baptising children in the context of supportive Christian families as a really positive thing – this is how most Christians have chosen to do things across history since earliest times. In one story in the Bible, a jailer commits to Christ and his whole household are baptised with him, most probably including youngsters who would be raised in the faith.

Most importantly, we are already bringing up Nelson, Gloria and Charis as Jesus followers within our home and, at least in the case of the older two, they themselves already indicated they wanted to be baptised. The service on the 12th was really special, with people we have come to know well from St John’s and St Mary’s around the pool, joined by other friends and family who were visiting.

Like Archbishop Josiah said in his talk, baptism isn’t really focused on what we “do” anyway – it is not about the quality of our faith, but the object of our faith: Jesus. God’s gift to us of his Jesus means that all of us, young or old, find a wonderful invitation to a new life of forgiveness, peace and joy with God and His people. Welcoming that new life, publicly declaring and demonstrating that to others, is what baptism is all about.