Treating each other well

Iam originally from Afghanistan and have been coming to St John’s for a few months. I have seen and experienced many difficult things in my life. I have been searching for what is good and right. In my upbringing I knew nothing of the Christian faith.

When I arrived in England, I was impressed with how Christians treated each other well, so I wanted to find out more. I saw the St John’s building, and decided to just come in one Sunday morning for the service, and I was welcomed by the people here. I want to follow Jesus and his example of love and I enjoy reading and studying the Bible stories about him. I understand that Jesus has saved me and so it is clear to me that I should be baptised.

Naeem Rezaiy

Getting my attention

My first contact with St John’s was hearing the church bells chime every Sunday at 9.50am. It was a very welcome and inviting sound and always made me think that perhaps this was God’s way of getting my attention!

I had always enjoyed attending Sunday School as a child. When I got to Secondary School, life seemed to get in the way and all manner of other things suddenly seemed more important. I never went through a period of doubt about the existence of God, I just stopped making time for him in my life.

However, the call of the bells proved too much for me and I started attending the services at St John’s in 2013 and I am so very glad I did. The church community here is really very special and I look forward on Sunday to taking my first communion beside so many others in the congregation.

Kate Graham