The Minute I Stepped In

I went to church as a child with my family but when I got to the age when I could choose, ‘life’ got in the way and it always seemed there was something else to do. Fast forward a good few years and life and other things were still getting in the way, however, after moving to Isleworth almost 6 years ago with a family of my own and seeing the sense of community in the area I had a feeling that I wanted to re-visit the church and religion.

The minute I stepped into St. Johns I had a feeling of belonging and knew I’d made the right decision to return to church. I perhaps hadn’t thought about being confirmed until Tom approached me and asked whether it was something I wanted to do, I’m glad I said yes – I’m enjoying exploring religion further and know I made the right choice.

Nicola French

Showing My Commitment

I started to come to St. John’s four years ago when I was going through a particularly difficult time and I felt like I needed some extra support, which I found with God. It was through being part of St. John’s and listening to some particularly poignant sermons from Tom that helped to develop my faith and believe that God was listening to my prayers.

I was then blessed with the birth of my son Harry who is amazing and is a genuine blessing in my life.

I decide to be baptised when my son was baptised. I wanted to show my commitment to God for the support he had given me. For me, being confirmed is an extension of that commitment. It is a public declaration of the gratitude I have to God for his presence my life and the life of my family.

Michelle Roberts