Sowing the Seed

Hannah Boulton writes:

Growing up I found there was an expectation that I would get confirmed at 13 and as such it felt a little like a box ticking exercise. Something you did but without really considering what you are committing too. It would have been easy to undertake at that age but as a result I found I was reluctant to do so, and if I am honest it coincided with a drift away from attending Church and a more questioning attitude towards many things -not least Christianity.

Many, many years down the line, having developed a strong feeling of attachment – in Tom’s phrase ‘belonging’ – to St John’s it felt like the right time to reconsider confirmation. Meeting in a small group every Sunday to discuss parables and key aspects of Christianity (such as The Cross) has been such a rewarding process, to talk through and to try to understand what is meant by these stories and how they can apply to you in a modern world.

And Kelis Cao writes:

I’m 13 years old and I go to the Green School. I was baptised 2 years ago but I didn’t get confirmed I wanted to but my mum wanted me to wait until I was able to make my own decision and when it felt ready. And now I know that I am ready to make that decision and I am ready to get confirmed.

I was taught that being confirmed means God is with us and choosing to believe God’s promises. Now I feel ready to give my life to God and to serve God the best I can. I want to thank my mum, family, Tom, Katherine and the church for all the support. And will also like to thank my step dad who has been a big influence in our religion and becoming a Christian. Thank you.