Walking Home for Good

Some could say the plan was ambitious, or perhaps a bit crazy: 6 adults, 7 children (from 2 to 10 years), balloons, bubbles, chocolates to give away, green outfits, to do a long walk around Richmond Park to raise money for the charity Home for Good.

The rain cleared by 2.30pm when we set off. We didn’t expect the kids them to do the whole trip, but to our surprise two of them did! At the finish there were 3 adults and 2 kids standing (the other adults were on babysitting duty!) Tired, but delighted to be rewarded with almost £450 raised!

So, why this charity? Well, the Bible says that one way to express our religion is to look after the orphan and the widow. Did you know that every day more than 50 children are taken into care in the UK alone? These children need safe homes where they can be nurtured, loved and cared for.

Opening your home to meet this need is not easy. Often behaviour will be challenging and so social workers are always looking for people who have a good network of friends to help out. Home for Good see that church members are perfectly placed to step up for this challenge. ‘Faith’ and ‘community’ together serve these children.

And this is not just an ideal out there. Rachel Burnell, at a crossroads in her teaching career, is part-way through the fostering programme. It takes about 6 months, involves several training sessions, homework assignments and interviews of people in the ‘support network’. She hopes to ‘go to panel’ in the autumn – with us to walk this path with her, bringing as she says ‘wisdom, respite and prayer’.