Almshouses in Isleworth & Hounslow

Going in the H37 towards Richmond, as the bus turns right into Twickenham Road from St John’s Road, you’ve seen the row of old houses going back from the road? And walking down Mill Plat from St John’s Road to the river, the row of houses with shutters on them? These are respectively Sermon’s and Ingram’s almshouses, which along with 5 others, are still very much in use to meet housing needs today, as some members of the church will tell you from their first hand experience.

Ingram’s, named after the then Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, goes back to 1664. Sermon’s endowed by Mrs Sarah Sermon, are more recent 1843(!) Many will know Farnell’s too, behind St John’s, built just after the church (1858) – currently managed by Hestia. Tolson House in North St is a ‘new build’ (2012) of 20 almshouses. More at

Both the Vicars of St John’s (now, and St Mary’s) and of All Saints are ex officio Trustees, showing the ancient links between church and charity. There are in total 80 units of housing which, when vacant, can be appointed to anyone who has lived in Hounslow for at least 2 years and who can demonstrate they are ‘in need’. It’s not supported housing, and all have to be able to live independently. The aim is to provide a home for life and residents are encouraged to take part in communal life.

One resident, who was recently able to move out, spoke very movingly about how the charity had provided him with a platform on which to re‐build his life, saying how much happier he was since receiving their help.

The Charity also makes small grants (max £250) for Hounslow residents and organisations, for ‘relief in need’ or ‘relief from sickness’.