10 Good Reasons to Join in Cycling

Dave, Dave, Harry, Mark and Tom set off on their bikes from St John’s at 10.15 last beautiful Saturday morning. They all safely made it by around midday to the Four Horseshoes pub in Chobham. And, after well over 40 miles in the saddle, by soon after 3(pm!) they all made it back to Isleworth.

Here are 10 good reasons to join in the next ride:

  1. A great opportunity to bond with your fellow humans and meet new ones – we met Mark who’d recently cycled down S America.
  2. What better way to enjoy the beautiful countryside of Surrey, and feel part of it as you never could from inside a car?
  3. Let all the senses have new experiences ‐ feel the sun on your thighs and the wind on your back (well, and in your face on the way back;) listen to a jay break the silence with its call; and drink in the smell of the gorse on Chobham Common.
  4. An easy way to get/stay fit – (Dave Young said the whole trip takes him 2 hours when he’s doing it on his own. Owch.)
  5. Chance to watch Dave Young get his daily fix, see him do the odd sprint, and discover lanes you’ll never otherwise know about.
  6. Top up your suntan.
  7. Discover a great pub and enjoy good food as never before, having really earned it.
  8. Enjoy as never before the first pint. It’ll go down really easily (some left it at just one.)
  9. A great excuse to buy (yet) more biking kit.
  10. And finally, you’ll be able to say, in the years to come, when the great Harry Young wins yet another Tour de Britain, “We were there with him, right from the beginning.”