Nine men and the Circle of Security

You know the feeling when asked to do something outside of your comfort zone and you think I’d rather not but I can’t really say no? Well that’s how I ended up attending the circle of security parenting course. Claire had signed up with the intention of taking along Tristan. It turned out he had other ideas, deciding on constant feeding during the times the course was due to take place. Thus it was me ringing the doorbell at the vicarage on the first Tuesday with apprehension and scepticism.

I am happy to say I was quickly put at ease and I soon found myself contributing to the discussions on how you bring up your child in relation to the teachings the course was promoting. It’s fair to say that previously any books or programmes about parenting was not something I’d given much thought to but putting myself in a situation that forced me to stop and really think about parenting has been a really positive experience. Along with eight other fathers we have discovered that the problems we face are not unusual or unique and the skills required to satisfy your child’s needs are many!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the course to any other parent and I have even promoted the need to have some sort of structured teaching for your parenting skills outside of the immediate church circle to other friends at work.

As a result of my participation I feel that I now;

  • Think more about what my children need from me than I need from them.
  • Am more affectionate and tactile towards my children than perhaps I was before.
  • Engage with my children more directly and do not become distracted by what else I need to do.
  • Have more interaction with other dads in the community.
  • Discuss more with Claire how we parent together.

Bruce Rogers