Losing everything overnight

One guest we met at TSPH is an asylum seeker from Syria. In conversation with Dave (Maclure), here are some elements of his story.

Why are you in London at this time?

I had to flee the war in Syria. I flew into UK in mid January. I am now in the process for seeking asylum. I arrived with almost nothing.

Do you have friends or family in United Kingdom?

Nobody. Everyone is back in Syria, except my wife and 10‐month‐old daughter. They are in Jordan staying with extended family. I check on them by phone. I worry about their health and wellbeing.

Tell us about your life in Syria before you left.

I am a Doctor. I had a practice in the suburbs of Damascus (reef‐dimashq), which is affected badly by the war. When it was time to leave, my family and I ran away to Jordan. Most of the war affected people can’t escape since it’s very risky to go through the roads. It’s devastating to lose everything overnight and leave your life behind.

What does the future hold for you?

I really don’t know. I came to UK because it’s a country that respects people and supports them to be effective members in the society. I don’t know how long the asylum process will take. I hope I can become an efficient doctor in UK.

Can you describe how you feel at this time?

I’m here now trying to get settled with nothing left except my knowledge, I’m always worried about my family and I miss them. People in my country don’t know where to find safety. I hope the British government can receive a higher number of Syrians to come to this country as refugees and I’m sure the skilled ones will be a great addition to the UK society.