Jenny and Mike reflect on TSPH

This was the 3rd year that Mike and I have taken part in TSPH (Shelter Project). It was good to meet up again with volunteers from previous years. They came from St John’s and St Mary’s, other churches, groups in the borough and by personal contacts.

I observed how those new to volunteering this year began with a small amount of apprehension ‐ unsure what to do, but saw that give way to meaningful conversation, and friendships being built. Many stayed until the end of the evening. Dominoes and card games were played, music tinkled on in the background. More than one guest commented on how welcomed they felt at St John’s – the ‘Road to Emmaus’ story (Luke 24: 13‐35) in action.

The project has had success with one of the guests finding a home and a job in Bristol. Please pray that the remaining guests will over the next two months find more permanent accommodation.

Mike adds: The past two months of TSPH have flown by. As guests in that first week were settling into a routine of a different hall every night, I felt it important to be a familiar face for them. Luckily, my work rota allowed me to make every week bar the last two. Conversation drifted from local history, politics, sport and which churches had showers and the best food to the warmest places to spend your days and nights: libraries, shopping centres and night buses. All were glad not to have to be on the street and have some warm food.