On the Kafwanka’s moving to Heston

After our lunch last Sunday, by popular request, John got up to speak. He told us he had gotten to know London well when he first arrived, looking for a home. Everywhere he went he was asked: “Have you got a bank account?” His problem was that each bank he went to asked: “do you have a utility bill to prove your address?”

It was in Isleworth he decided on a different approach. So he said to the prospective landlord, “I do not have a bank account.” To his great relief, the man (a muslim) replied, “You are a priest and if I can’t trust you..” They then moved into Silverhall Street 8 years ago.

Martha spoke very movingly about how St John’s had become her family, particularly at the time of the deaths of her father and John’s mother.

John has written following the lunch:

We have been deeply moved by the show of love and generosity to us during the last 8 years in Isleworth and indeed at the farewell lunch. The kind words expressed and the generous hospitality shown toward us were beyond measure and we are most grateful.

Over the years we have enjoyed being part of a community of faith that has contributed significantly to our own faith journey as a family, and we have made many friends we shall always treasure. We thank God for the privilege to contribute, in a little way, to the life of the Church there.

Although we no longer live in Isleworth, we still remain very much connected to the area as a number of our family activities including schooling and Martha’s work will remain there for the foreseeable future.