St John the Baptist and St Mary the Virgin

On 1st January, the Scheme merging St John’s and St Mary’s came into full effect. It’s an exciting time and I eagerly await developments. In the autumn of 2013, the Bishop of Kensington began discussions which led to this and during 2014 all necessary legal steps took place.

A year ago I began taking services at St Mary’s. I became their pastor, praying there, meeting people individually and getting to know them. David has been doing the same since he arrived in June. It’s been very good that some from St Mary’s have joined in things at St John’s – and of course we have just had the Carol Service at St Mary’s, with the joint choir, directed by Kevin.

Our vision, to become one church with 2 sets of buildings now enters the next phase. Of course it will involve changes – initially which will be felt more from the St Mary’s perspective. From 1st February, we will have 2 Services on a Sunday, one at 9.00am (at St Mary’s) and the other at 10.00 (at St John’s.) For Isleworth, this will give greater choice where to worship on a Sunday, something I am sure we should develop further.

Dave and I will be able to be involved in both services. I am also pleased the Rev’d Norman Lawrence will continue to help with services at St Mary’s – and generally be part of our clergy team. Norman is a retired teacher, who has been helping out at St Mary’s and I am really grateful he is willing to continue.

We also want to develop Wednesdays into a day with prayer at the heart, involving both ‘sites’, but particularly St Mary’s. There is already the 9.30 Communion at St John’s. The aim will be to for St Mary’s to be open for individual prayer and for there to be set times for us to meet and pray together. We will be discussing detail, more to follow.

Tom Gillum