St John’s and St Mary’s Isleworth

On 1/1/15, St John’s and St Mary’s merger will be formalised. Good news! We will become one parish, one church, meeting over two ‘sites’. It’s going to be exciting to see how it all develops. I am confident that lots of good will come, as we work together.

You may remember we thought we had decided back in July about the new time of our Services, but in the event, we needed longer to discuss. I can now announce that there will be a Service at St Mary’s at 9.00am and (as at present) one at St John’s at 10.00. Dave and I will be involved in both – working as we do at present with a wider team. It’s good news we can now in effect offer two Sunday services.

Our aim also is to start a new Service on a Sunday afternoon (not every week) at St Mary’s. This would be based around families and most likely using the ‘Messy Church’ experience which has proved so effective. The space at St Mary’s will lend itself very well to this. That service would certainly include young children and I hope also older ones.

St Mary’s has a wonderful chapel, (St Joseph) and this we aim will become a central focus for prayer. Initially, we’ll designate one day in the week as a day for prayer, ie with the church open for anyone to come into. There will be some meetings on that day, to combine prayer, reading the Bible together and with the chance to build friendships.

Perhaps combined with that, or maybe on a different day, St Mary’s would also be a good location for some midweek learning together, which we need to develop. It’s an important way to get to know Christ and to learn about Christian living. We plan asap to renovate a room at St Mary’s (and the toilet there) which would be ideal for such smaller gatherings.