Christmas 2014 in Iraq and Bethlehem

From a recent letter sent by Andrew White, Vicar of Baghdad.

It is deemed too dangerous for me to be in Iraq at the moment. Our team still is working flat out to bring hope to our many thousands of Christians who have been forced from their homes. Every day they are providing food, accommodation, clothing, and disabled aids to those in great need.

Last year we could have never dreamt that we would be facing this level of crisis – with our people being hounded from their homes, being massacred and having nowhere to go for real safety.

Thank you for all the help you gave us at this most terrible of times. We have been able to help meet the needs of those who have nothing. The story may be out of the news now but the crisis continues. Last week we were in Jordan with some of our desperate people. About to be forced out of their totally derelict homes because they could not pay the rent, no school for their children and their husbands and fathers having been kidnapped or killed by the terrorists in Iraq. Our job has been to provide them all the help and support they need and we can only do it with your help.

In Bethlehem, it may seem peaceful and pleasant for the pilgrims and tourists but there is a very different side to this little town. We have been greatly privileged to form links with a wonderful Church led by Naim and Stephen Khoury, so alive with the glory and Spirit of God. Whilst the mosques are proclaiming their words from their minarets this church is proclaiming the word of God from its loud speakers. 13 times this church has been blown up and had attempts to destroy it, but they will not stop allowing the love of Jesus from Bethlehem to be heard in Bethlehem.

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