Update from Iraq

Dr Sarah Ahmed DIRECTOR of FRRME’s relief operation writes:

Since the beginning of 2014 there have been more than 1.7m Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Iraq dispersed around 1,700 locations. Most funds support probably 43% of the displaced population.

For September the Foundation for Reconciliation and Relief in the Middle East provided for more than 7,107 families, with at least 8 members of each family. We provide for four villages, around Nineveh plane and in Duhok through our local partners, some to IDPs that got re-displaced from Erbil to Baghdad and some to small active Church communities that we support. The money serves people directly with exactly what they need, ie food, water, medical and humanitarian relief.

When I am dealing with the IDPs, I imagine myself as one: what would I need if I was living here or there? I go around in visits to the camps and talk to the people, to see their personal needs and try my best to provide them with things they need most.

In my last visit I tried to find more communities that FRRME can support. I found an amazing Monastery that is taking care of more than 1,400 Yazidi families in Duhok. They appeared really in need of funds. So many organizations are already starting to worry about next year’s funding since the situation does not seem to get any better.

Andrew White will not be able to go back to Iraq for now because of the increasing threat of Daash named ISIS. He felt that he needs not only to protect himself but he didn’t want to endanger any of the people who work with him or the people he loves in St George’s where he stays.