Life Beyond the Streets

The Shelter Project Hounslow housed 2/3 of their guests last winter. Typically, nothing was straightforward, with the hardest cases achieving solution only retrospectively. But it was TSPH which started the ball rolling for an individual’s rehabilitation.

Here are brief ‘success stories’ of last year’s guests, for encouragement ahead of Season Four:

  • Eritrean – housed in a lovely room, accessed an employment scheme, with a careers mentor and opportunities to substantiate his CV. He remains highly motivated in his English and IT studies.
  • Syrian – housed in a small flat with space for his children to visit. He was job hunting last we heard.
  • Polish – hospitalised post drink-related collapse, but finally been reconnected to a Polish care home.
  • Sri Lankan – referred to a Christian residential programme, then returned to the streets and alcoholism. Finally accepted help and was placed at a NLOS hostel (No Living On the Streets) where his needs are being addressed.
  • Mentally unwell guest – returned to the streets until TSPH arbitrated between his parents and the local psychiatric unit. Was finally sectioned to receive medical attention. Now housed and assisted by key workers on the long road to recovery.

TSPH was instrumental in calling forth Hounslow’s own outreach team to ‘seek and save’ the homeless. This season we will be introducing Christian Meditation and opportunities to work with Cultivate London, a local initiative teaching horticultural skills.

Please join the family of volunteers this winter, and help make a real difference to the homeless in our midst.