God is Always There

lhave been living in Grainger Road for the last nine years although l have lived in Isleworth for nearly forty. Since breaking my femur and having to retire l have found life very empty so thought l’d try coming back to the church and be part of the local community.

When l was asked if l would like to attend the Prayer Session l wasn’t sure whether or not to go, what to expect and was it for me. Would it be a heavy going prayer session for three hours with the nuns in black habits and white wimples, yes l am, sadly, that old!! The clincher was the location! I have always wanted to go inside that magical place that I see so often from the bus, Gumley House. Luckily my neighbour David took me so l felt less intimidated about trying to find the way in and the morning took off from there.

We were met by a lovely nun, dressed in normal clothes who took us into the lounge where we were introduced to each other and to Joanna who was running the session. She was lovely, very interesting and inspiring with a soft American accent that was very easy to listen to. She led us in prayers, reflections, and visualisation, getting us to imagine we were with Jesus and the disciples when he met and healed blind Bartimaeus. The morning flew by. We finished with prayer through movement to music, once Joanna had mastered the musical technology which actually helped to break the ice as we stood rather self consciously waiting to begin.

All too soon the morning was over and we had to leave. I’m so glad l went. Going to church the next day was lovely as l felt that I now knew so many more people. With the camaraderie and the feeling of peace, the one thing that has stayed in my mind was Joanna saying that God is always there even while we sleep and that when we wake up we should ask him what we can do with him today.