Food Bank and Home Start

Hugo Foxwood who co-ordinates Hounslow Food Bank, recently reported:
  • More than 500 vouchers redeemed for food parcels over the past 12 months, representing more than 1,000 carrier bags of food going to some of the poorest families in Hounslow.
  • Since January 2014, we have spent £352.53 on specific food items, so as to ensure nutritionally balanced food parcels.
  • Our distribution network increases and now we work with 15-20 referral partners, mostly located across the Hounslow area.

Margaret O’Connor, Senior Co-ordinator at Home Start Hounslow writes:

The families we support come from diverse backgrounds with varied diets and of course they all have children. We have 5/6 families at the moment who are particularly struggling and would benefit from a donation of food stuffs.

One of my colleagues has just told me that a mum who she has been visiting with a young baby who she is concerned about because she is very thin told her she drinks hot water to help her feel less hungry. The baby is doing well but she is not feeding herself properly because most of the money her husband earns is going on rent and she prioritises the baby and her husband.

A huge thank you to everyone. We desperately need to recruit more volunteers and any opportunity to raise awareness would be very helpful.