Our Treasure Writes

Over the past 12 months there has been an increase in the number of Standing Orders from 31 to 38 people, a rise from £1,291 to £1,879 per month. This, however, has not enabled us to keep ahead of our expenditure. The PCC were briefed earlier this month with the news that during the first 8 months of this year, the church deficit was over £10,600. I have had to transfer £13,000 from the Hall account (more than the Hall surplus) so far to help pay some of our bills.

The Church of England recently published some interesting statistics for 2012. In Sheffield Diocese, churchgoers who make regular donations gave an average of 6.6% of their income. In London, the 5th highest, this was 4.1% (for someone earning the average London wage this is equivalent to giving over £100 per month to the church).

There was also an analysis per Electoral Roll member. London Diocese was highest with an average of £11.60 per week (£50.25 per month) per Electoral Roll member. At St John’s we are way below these figures. In fact if you use the average amount that a full-time employee resident in the LB Hounslow earns per week (£567), we as a congregation give less than 1% of our wages/salary/pension to St John’s.

Our budget for next year is showing Receipts of around £50K and payments of around £75K. The top five items (Common Fund £48K, Loan repayment £6.5K, Choirmaster £6.5K, Insurance £4.7K and Utilities £2.5K) make up over 90%. I will leave the thought with you that if every member of our Electoral Roll gave at least the average in the London Diocese, our Receipts would be over £100K. If this were Gift Aided we would get an extra £25K.