St John’s Great Musical Potential

Acouple of weeks ago, we met with a choir master/musical director to discuss music here. Several months ago, with his family, he’d visited us for a service. He lives locally. His reputation had gone before him. He could not have been more encouraging about St John’s, emphasising our tremendous potential – amongst both children and adults.

Music in a church service is crucial. Its importance can’t be exaggerated. Our priority as human beings is to worship God and praise him for ever. When we sing from the heart, something deep within is touched, we express things needing to be said and we experience a new freedom. Others will sense God’s presence as we sing together. If we invest in anything, it must surely be in our music – whatever it takes!

Francesca, Alison and John (and before that, Rob) have done an amazing job playing the keyboard and organ since Graham moved to the country. Jason and now Dave on the guitar give new breadth. We are incredibly grateful and indeed indebted to them. We had hoped someone to help us develop would emerge, but so far…

Our choir master friend also emphasised that the great potential at St John’s won’t be realised without a leader. That won’t come as a surprise to a number of you. The key role, he advised us, will be to develop our singing – work with adult and young, introduce new things, etc. We’ve seen the immediate difference it makes when our stronger singers sit together at the front.

Here is the advert we are putting out:
Musical Leader (part time) for St John’s, Isleworth, a thriving and growing C of E parish church. Primarily the role will involve developing sung worship throughout the church, adults and children – there is great potential, but good leadership is essential. Keyboard/organ skills desirable, not essential. Initially the role would involve up to about 5 hours a week, at £25-30 an hour, but with the likelihood of expansion.