A Tragedy of Historic Proportions

This is Bishop Richard’s description of what is going on in the Middle East. Following a meeting this Wednesday at Lambeth Palace, he urges the churches in London to pray, to act and to give. Following the meeting, Archbishop Justin released this statement:

A new situation has arisen which creates a state of emergency in the Middle East for Christians and other religious and ethnic minorities. The Middle East is the birthplace of Christianity, and home to indigenous Christian communities that have been an indispensable part of its history. Today, particularly in Iraq and Syria, they are at great risk from violence fostered by extremist ideologies which no longer see them as being part of the future. The Middle East is in desperate danger of losing an irreplaceable part of its identity, heritage, and culture.

We are seeing an extreme religious ideology that knows no limits in its persecution of those who are culturally or religiously different. Those who promote this intolerance must be challenged and the perpetrators of violence held to account without impunity. The suffering of those who bear the brunt of its terror requires us to act and bear witness to their plight, whatever ethnic group or religious minority they come from. We must provide relief and safety for those displaced and in fear of their lives. We must also bring pressure to bear on those who can provide security to those affected.

We give thanks for our brothers and sisters as they continue to live their Christian faith with strength and perseverance. We commit to stand with them in prayer, to speak for freedom in the persecution for Christians and all other religious communities and those of no faith who live as minority groups across the region.

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