An Important Step on the Way

Four families this Sunday will publicly be giving thanks to God for their child (in one case, two children.) It’s a wonderful thing to be doing. Some will remember we did a similar thing a year ago. For different reasons, none of the children have been baptized. William and Nicholas are both under 2 whilst Hani, Rafi and Sophie are Primary School age.

We will be joining with these parents, committing ourselves to help and support them. We will be praying for them; there can be no more important and demanding a privilege than bringing up a child. We will be praying for God’s rich blessing to rest on each child. For all of them this is a step on a bigger ‘journey’; and the older children will all be signed with the cross, the mark of Christ’s love as they state they are now exploring baptism. It’s obviously an important (and exciting) moment for each of them.

We have been talking a bit about what this exploration might look like and as we accompany them, I hope it may help all of us ‘on our own journeys’. It’s something we do together, for which gathering together on Sunday is important, as well as meeting in smaller settings. It involves learning and developing a pattern of prayer. It will also involve giving back, ie taking part in some way in St John’s ministry of hospitality.

Here is how the parents have put it:

  • We are delighted to be involved in the thanksgiving this Sunday and feel rather emotional, seeing this as the beginning of our journey as a family all as one with the support of the parish.
  • A service of thanksgiving sounds very uplifting and meaningful.
  • This chance to thank God for our family feels very good and right at this time.