Mellow Music, Poigant Occasion

The curry and music night on Monday was especially poignant for me as I have had firsthand experience of leukaemia, having lost a close friend to it some years ago. I know how cruel a disease it is and was therefore pleased to be able to support Gill and Dave in raising money for Children with Cancer UK in memory of Ben, the son of Dave’s boss.

I’ve heard Dave’s brother, Chris Ronald sing before. On Monday he sang a beautiful acoustic set of what I would describe as country folk. It was very mellow. One of the real qualities in the music is the strong narrative which he shares with the audience, placing his songs into a context and bringing you closer to the music.

His song about his grandfather’s ring touched me especially. It was a powerful metaphor for the legacy of his grandfather and the value we place on physical objects in remembering loved ones. The ring becomes a chart of all the pivotal moments in the family’s history and the way in which the grandfather touched their lives, physically and emotionally.

Eurobalti was a most appropriate venue in bringing together the Isleworth community. The staff did very well serving us all (about 35) and entered into the spirit of the occasion by giving a reduced rate, therefore raising more money for the charity. I found them accommodating and helpful throughout.

The evening was so typical of Gill and Dave Young, typifying the great qualities they have in constantly going above and beyond. They have such big hearts and where some of us have ideas, and often muse about what we could be doing, they go ahead and do it, with great success.

The evening will have helped create awareness for leukaemia and it also brought the community together, clawing something positive out of a tragic event. £470 was raised.