Confident, Happy and Secure

When I first heard about the Circle of Security course, I thought, is this some sort of body guard service for ‘a-listers’, is it some sort of security to stop people getting squashed at a concert….? No, it’s actually something that has completely changed my approach in how I speak to, interact and communicate with my 3 year old son.

Meeting and exchanging stories with other lovely local Mums has shown me that I am not alone in the situations I find myself in with my son. I didn’t realise that making some very simple changes to the way I communicate could have such a huge impact on him and his behaviour and also that it can be applied to other relationships in my life.

The course helped me to understand that quite often what I perceive to be the cause of my son’s distress, tantrum or just plain stubbornness is often just a manifestation of something completely different. Because children can’t always express in words what is upsetting them, they will use the methods they know best, such as crying or tantrums.

The Circle of Security has also shown me that often the way we learn to raise our children is through examples given to us by our own principle care givers and this can affect our behaviour towards our children in both a positive and negative way.

I will happily take what I have learned and apply it as often as I can and know that what I am doing will allow my son to grow up to be a confident, happy and emotionally secure young man.

Overall, my 8 weeks spent with Jo, Alison and the rest of the gang was enjoyable, highly informative, entertaining, emotional, enlightening AND there was always amazing cake!