Merger with St Mary’s

This is to give an update on where we are in the merger with St Mary’s. We announced this in early February. In a nutshell, all is going well. In particular St John’s and St Mary’s members have been getting to know one another better.

There is the legal process. In the middle of February, some draft Consultation Proposals were circulated, with responses invited by the 24th March. A number of us submitted comments, most of which were about the proposed name of the new Parish. There were some other points of detail.

The result of that process was brought before the Kensington Area Council on 19th May. They gave their full support to everything (we have not been given the detail, but are reassured all is good.) So, based on that a formal ‘Scheme’, to unite St John’s and St Mary’s, was drafted and sent to the Church Commissioners for ‘validation’. The last report we had (mid June) was that this was still awaited.

There will be formal ‘publication’ of the Scheme, which, following a fixed period when comments can be made, the Bishop of London will then formally make an Order. September is now, realistically, the earliest this will happen.

However, we proceed assuming all will duly happen as expected. At a special meeting recently, 4 from St Mary’s met with St John’s PCC. As we talked together, it was clear there is goodwill to work together – and to make it all work well. It’s early days, but there are exciting opportunities ahead.

An immediate issue is timing of our Sunday Services – both presently at 10.00. The likelihood is that both will need to move. Do please pass on any thoughts to a PCC member. Let’s see it as a chance to develop our worship.