A lot warmer than last year

The sound of a siren is a regular feature of life in St John’s Road, but the one which sounded at 2.00pm last Saturday was a first – announcing our Summer Fair open. Ash was part of a group standing by the police car, parked just at the gate. ‘He wants to be a policeman when he grows up – he’s got a cap’ his mother said. He couldn’t be persuaded to get in.

The overwhelmingly popular choice at the face painting table was to become a tiger for the afternoon. The girls liked the idea of being scary, although some did opt to be butterflies. Rachel and Gloria were surprised there was only one pirate.

At 14.5 secs, a girl topped the speed trial at the go cart track, complete with tyres and grand prix banners. Powered by ‘body motion’ and some feet propulsion, a lot of skill was being shown. Those enjoying a cuppa and cakes at the other end of the hall had live entertainment, assuming they wanted it.

It was the longest day of the year and one of the sunniest – a lot warmer than last year, all agreed. Joyce was wearing an olive green straw hat bought in Ischia in the 1960s. The daughter of a milliner, she can make any hat look stylish. The bar was drunk dry, the strawberries and ice cream sold out. The Jam Junkies music was much appreciated.

For a church aiming to show Christian hospitality, our Fair has an important place. Being hands on hosts, active to help all feel at home, we want anyone, young or old, to find something they enjoy, at an easily affordable price. We want everyone to get a flavour of Christ’s unique ways, his ‘blessing’.

Nowell Anderson, from Inspiring Isleworth described the children as having a whale of a time, impressed they were doing their best to name the donkey.

Brian guessed there were 1,000 people – others thought this on the high side. He has calculated (not guessed) over £1,850 is the profit. The Press picked on the donkey! ‘The mane attraction’ and ‘ass-igning name to donkey’. O well. Samson (definitely not Balum) is his name. Brain, how about a history lesson for when the Titanic sank (not 1846?) Dave Young rode to Brighton on his static rollers while we were having fun – do support children with cancer uk. A great result and many thanks to all, esp Katy.